Search Engine Optimizer (SEO)

Aims on finding SEO problems, Improve SEO & Sell more

All in one SEO features to a get higher rank on various search engines like google, bing, etc. Also JSON-LD enabled, SEO Audit & reporting.

IBR has improve SEO Integration

We aim to get higher rank on famous web search engines like Google using All in one & Auto SEO

Page Health Check

Always scan the page speed both for Desktop and Mobile and suggest steps for improvements

Mobile Friendly Test

Checks if the website page is mobile friendly. Mobile friendly page boosts SEO in most search engines

Keyword targeting

Target famous keyword and most search queries in Google Trends that are related to our bookstore

Broken Link Check

Checks for broken links that can affect greatly on SEO during site crawling

Smart & dynamic ALT tags

Optimize images with smart & dynamic SEO friendly ALT tags to increase traffic from image search engines

Structure Data Testing Tool – JSON DL

Structure Data is implemented for each page, this helps website crawler like google understands more the structure of website/products/services

Performance & Analytics

Analyse and detect performance of the website using Google Search Console (Real Time)